Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another Day Another $100

Bills Bills Bills! The dreaded words. I know what you're thinking, "I can't do anything about my bills" for some it may be true for some of us we can but don't want to. What I mean by don't want to is some of us have luxuries that we don't "need". No, you can't stop paying your mortgage and insurance, don't call up the car dealership and tell them you're not paying anymore lol. I'm talking about cell phones, cable tv, groceries( don't stop eating!), stuff like this.

Before you start freaking out let me tell you, this may not be applicable for everyone. These are ideas that I will more than likely be trying out so this is based on my situation, but hopefully there will be something here for everyone.

First line of business Cell phone bill ( and I will be approximating my bills on here so you can see some of where I'm coming from).
My cell and my husband's is one plan, a family plan with 1000 minutes, unlimited texting, and Internet. The next plan down is 700 minutes which I did go over. Why did I go over? No land line, we use our cell phones for all of our calls. Unlimited texting has actually saved us money so I'll keep that, but I think I can get a landline for cheap and cut down my plan by alot. My best bet is to get a bundle like phone service and internet. I also don't need the fastest internet but will avoid dial up because I do have a business and dial up is too slow for that. Never be afraid to shop around! I saw an ad for verizon internet and phone service for like $50, Vonage has phone service for $30(apprx). I can pick and choose, it may not be the fastest or best but I'm ok with that!

Cable and internet- I have them grouped together right now and am paying around $100 for both, the company I'm using is charging way too much for what I get, this is a basic plan, the company I wanted to use doesn't come out to where I am so what do I do? I realized I can live without the cable! So I can possibly drop cable and internet with this company and remember I told you before I found internet and phone with another company and I could potentially save $50 a month($600/yr adds up). What about the cable and tv you ask? I know we switch to digital very soon so maybe one of those little boxes isn't a bad idea lol. If you can't get one, rent movies, but look for a cheaper way, I do the blockbuster version of netflix 3 movies mailed to me and when I take those three movies back into any blockbuster store I can get 3 free rentals and they mail them back out for me while headquarters mails me 3 more. You don't have to do 3 you can do less, maybe more, I don't know bout the more though.
I know people who love Redbox which is a $1 rental box at alot of McDonalds just make sure you return it by the next day prefferably before 24 hrs is up or you'll be charged $1 a day. Check out redbox, netflix and different companies for this, it can be fun!

Here are a few Ideas, I don't want to overbear anyone so I'll stop here for today and maybe come back tomorrow :o) Potentially if I go with $50 for internet and phone and slim down my cell phone plan I could more than likely be saving somewhere close to $100! If you have Ideas to add please feel free to add it in the comment box! Have a Passionate Day!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Out with the bad in with the good!

Please give Mandy a warm welcome! WOO( come on I'm hearing crickets out there). So now that you've determined I'm completely off my rocker and maybe a few fries short of an apple pie ( gotcha!) It is with great pleasure,and lemonade, that I begin my blogging!

So what led me to start this you may be asking? Was it the spaghetti I ate last night or the cupcakes maybe? No, due to recent events in my life I made the decision to start doing a makeover on parts of my life that are ready for renovation. This drastic remodeling will affect my family hopefully for the better.( and yes part of that is maybe cutting down on cupcakes lol)

This month my husband applied, tested, and interviewed for a job. Not just any job either, a job that could drastically change our financial present and future. We were looking into better living, paying off debt and eating way healthier with more money( like we can't do that now). He came in second to someone much older that had the blessed status of having worked for this company many years before and knew many of the people "in charge" so to speak. My husband thought he had lost a battle of sorts and had let the family down. Not at all! Never could not getting a job let me down in fact it has excited me; not only did we find out he is a very capable employee and asset to potentially many companies but I figured out we can live better on what we have! Call it my Eureka moment!

This "disappointment" for my husband has challenged me to help us live differently so we can still have the lifestyle that we want without the cost that comes with. Here is where I quote Dave Ramsey: Live like no one else so in the future you can live like no one else! It's the changes we make now that will ultimately shape our future for better or worst.

What am I making over?
  • Finances- I am keeper of the checkbook and am lucky enough to have a husband that is as dedicated to helping me make this work as I am in making changes. This includes cut backs and savings!
  • Self- I am overweight by alot and need to slim it down and eat healthier not just to look and feel good but to be healthy in life! I cook mostly for my family so this will be me finding healthy recipes that we all will enjoy and ultimately lead to us all being healthier!
  • House- I have alot of clutter. I need to get rid of stuff and quit hanging onto things, I don't "NEED" everything! The less clutter there is the better I feel and function!
  • I need to makeover my business and for those who don't have one it's ok! My question to myself is why can't I be Million Dollar Club? I hesitate too much and don't put enough work into it and I need to kick my butt into gear!
There is a list for starters of things I will be working on. Tomorrow I may list some of the financial cutbacks I have in mind ;o) Hope yall enjoy the reading and feel free to join me in my makeover!